I looked around the site and couldn't find the phone cases/pillows/clocks etc..
A: Yeah, those are made & shipped by Society6, you can get 'em over here . 

You should paint-
Yes, you should.

Do you sell art?
A: IDK how you got to this page but... RobRegis.com should help.

Where are you based out of?
West Palm Beach. South Florida.

Do you have a studio/gallery?
Nope. (Hopefully, one day!)

What's that white stuff on your canvases?
Gesso. Or white paint with medium.
- a. No, I do not gesso every canvas, it depends on the idea for the artwork as welll as the condition of the canvas, if it needs to be primed then yeah, it's getting primed.

I'm having an event and wanted to know-
For booking inquiries, email event information to RobRegis@live.com.
-a. For out-of-state events include budget details
-b. If the event date is within 7-10 days of notification, sorry, that's gonna be a No.

I saw a print sold out, will it be restocked?
A: Maybe.
 I intentionally do a small run of prints, normally either out of editions of 10, 20 or 35. So it's all really, first come, first served.
(If I do restock a particular design, it's usually 6 months to a year later.)
- a. Rarely, I may do an impromptu reprint, for an upcoming showcase, so whatever remains may get added to the site or if something sells out quicker than anticipated. 

How do you make prints?!
Hi-Res picture of the original artwork.

What size are your prints?
The ONLY 2 sizes offered are 13" x 13" and 13" x 19"
(For larger prints & even canvas reprints, check the availability of the designs listed on society6.com/ArtLordxxx) 

Where do you get your prints made?
A: At a local shop. If YOU want to make/or get prints made, search Google, for local shop Staples/Office Max or whatefver fits your budget. I only say that because there are endless possibilities, so if you know what you're looking for, you know what to search for.

How long do orders take to ship?
A: The store's OS is operated by Squarespace/Stripe, it takes 2-3 business days to process the payment before it's deposited. Once the deposit is complete, orders ship out and tracking numbers get emailed.
(Normally it can take anywhere from 2-30 days to ship- possibly longer on international orders.)

I live outside of the US, can I still place an order?
Of course. Worldwide shipping/tracking is available, although up-to-date tracking isn't easily accessible on international orders, as well as the price bump, it takes a little longer for international order, mainly because of processing through customs.

Draw me! I mean, can you draw me?
For free?

Do do take on commissions/Do you make custom artwork?
A: At the moment- No.

Do you want to do my album/track/beat tape cover?
A: No.

I DM'ed you but-
A: I have a business email posted everywhere for a reason, on most of my social media sites, every post seemingly comes with 50-100+ messages, so if you're SERIOUS about an inquiry, RobRegis@live.com is your best bet.

Ordering in large quantites?
Email RobRegis@Live.com

My order was completely ruined! Help!
Refunds are only available upon failure-to-deliver or irreparable damage to your order, but please, always email pictures of the damage, as the parcel carrier is at fault and I'll do what I can to remedy the situation.

Customer Privacy

Information you provide to the store through the ordering process will only be used to keep you up-to-date with your order’s progress and to contact you if there are any issues. I will never sell, or otherwise, give out information to a third party.

No refunds/exchanges. (All disputes are at the merchant's discretion.)

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